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APA President Responds to Unrest in U.S. Cities


Earlier this summer, I wrote about the suffering and stress generated by the violence and turmoil seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dallas, hoping not to ever have to make such comments again. Sadly, this trend continues with Charlotte, North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, becoming the latest communities to be devastated by shootings. Of course, these locations are experiencing psychological trauma, but clearly the impact is not limited to those cities. The trauma is also felt by those of us far away from the incidents, but for whom the issues are just as harrowingly real.

My heart goes out to the citizens of Charlotte and Tulsa. I want you to know that the APA will take a leadership role in the healing process and we stand ready to help communities address the trauma caused by these terrible events. Meanwhile, below are some resources we have available now on our site.

Resources for Physicians, Families and Patients

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Coping After Tragedy

Even for people not directly affected, an event like this can have a significant impact. It can leave you feeling a range of emotions including anger, frustration, vulnerability, confusion and sadness – all of which are normal reactions. The continual media coverage, discussions and reactions keep the event directly in front of us.

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Talking to Children About Disasters

Disasters can have tremendous psychological impacts on those directly and indirectly involved. People who are affected may have various stress reactions, including both psychological and physical symptoms. Children are no exception — understandably many young children may feel frightened and confused after a disaster or traumatic event. Fortunately, most children, even those exposed to trauma, are quite resilient.

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Additional Resources


Post by Maria A. Oquendo, M.D., Ph.D.

Maria A. Oquendo, M.D., Ph.D., is the President of APA. Read Dr. Oquendo's full biography.

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