District Branch Disaster Psychiatry Resources

District Branch Disaster Representatives

District Branch Disaster Representatives are identified by district branches to provide consultation, communication, and training in disaster preparedness and response.

Be Added to the Disaster Representatives List

APA members interested in being a Disaster Representative should contact their District Branch using the online District Branch Directory.

District Branch Disaster Representatives by State/Province

Consult the Component Directory for contact information. Login to view District Branch Disaster Representatives.

Map of the U.S. and Canada Highlighting District Branches with Disaster Representatives
District Branches with Disaster Representatives (as of August 2021)

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Disaster Information and Resources

Education & Training, Volunteer Opportunities, and Publications

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District Branch Leadership Resource

A Communications Toolkit for Disasters Prepared by APA’s Office of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

APA Communications maintains an outreach toolkit for District Branch leadership to help with the development and dissemination of information to the media.

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Contact Us

Get in touch with the APA Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster.

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