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APA Launches

  • September 15, 2022
  • Diversity News and Updates

APA's Spanish Language Communications Working Group worked closely with APA to launch, a bilingual website dedicated to hosting culturally-competent and evidence-based information and resources on mental health and substance use targeting the Hispanic/Latino community.

The site and its content were developed by APA and its Spanish Language Communications Working Group, comprised of Hispanic & Latino APA member psychiatrists, most of whom are native Spanish-speakers. The Working Group, which will continue to guide the development of content for the website, is co-chaired by APA member psychiatrists Hector Colon-Rivera, M.D. and Amalia Londoño Tobón, M.D.

The new site features resources on five of the most searched conditions related to mental health for Hispanics/Latinos: depression, domestic violence, stigma, substance use disorders and suicide. The content, which features quizzes, expert Q&A, animated videos, and printable handouts, was guided by the expertise of the working group formed by the APA members, the APA Division of Communications, the APA Division of Diversity and Health Equity and community-based service providers like community health workers, crisis counselors and Mexican consulate personnel to ensure its cultural and linguistic accessibility.

“The impetus behind this effort was to address the overwhelming need for reliable, evidence-based information on mental health and substance use disorders available in Spanish,” said APA President Rebecca Brendel, M.D., J.D. “Our goal was not to simply translate information we already had in English into Spanish, but rather to collaborate with our member psychiatrists who are part of the Spanish-speaking community in the United States to develop information and resources that are culturally competent, relevant, and easily understood by a broad section of the Hispanic and Latino community.”

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