Patient Suicide - questions


General Questions

  • Should I talk with my colleagues?
  • How much should I reveal to them?
  • Should I worry in my revelations to them or even the experience of losing future referrals, or their perception of me?
  • How should I begin to address the suicide for myself?
  • How is this going to effect my treatment with other patients?
  • Is it best to try not to think about it and pretend it didn't happen? Or should I engage in an activity that would help me to learn from the experience? Or would that be too painful in reliving it again?
  • Is it unrealistic to think that this will affect my career?

Questions about interacting w/ the family

  • Should I contact family?
  • If so what method should I use (phone, letters, even visit?).
  • What should I say to the family (should I be supportive, explanatory?).
  • What should I do if they accuse or blame me?
  • How much should I reveal to them about my thoughts on what went wrong?
  • What do I do if the family member needs urgent crisis management after I break the news?
  • How much of what I say and how I say it impacts the chances for litigation?