Research Training Opportunities

The following programs offer research fellowship opportunities. The programs have been divided according to research specialty and so in searching for a program, please visit the individual sites where all the programs under that particular research interest are found.  Links to their web sites are provided when known. If you have any questions or additional information to add to this listing, please contact Rosa Bracey at the APA, Division of Diversity and Health Equity.

The programs included in this site include the following areas of research training:

Anxiety/Mood Disorders 

Child Psychiatry

Clinical Research Training 

Eating Disorders

General Psychiatry

Geriatric Psychiatry


Mental Health Services



Other Areas of Psychiatry

Psychiatric Epidemiology

Psychiatric Genetics

Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology


Sleep Disorders

Substance Abuse

The program listing will include a brief description, the name of the research fellowship director or administrator, contact information for these individuals and, in some cases, a link that will allow the reader to visit that program's web site to obtain more information.