Practice Research Network

The Practice Research Network (PRN) of the American Psychiatric Institute for Research and Education (APIRE) is APA’s primary mechanism for assessing the state of real-world psychiatric practice.  PRN conducts policy- and clinically-relevant health services research in the service of multiple APA components, and provides critical data to support the mission and strategic priorities of the APA.  PRN studies encompass the full range of psychiatric patients, treatments, and treatment settings, using a variety of practice-based research approaches. 

In addition to investigating the impact of multiple quality care initiatives such as practice guidelines and electronic health records, the PRN is well situated to explore the effects of broader issues such as health care reform, parity, and DSM-5 implementation on actual psychiatric practice. 


Primary Research Areas


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PRN studies addresses five general,
integrated priority areas of research:

Health Policy and Services Research
Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Care
Psychiatry Workforce
Diagnostic Research
Special Populations


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Current PRN research is supported by the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychiatric Foundation, Department of Defense, National Library of Medicine, and the National Opinion Research Center.