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Overview of APA/AACP Recovery to Practice Initiative

What is Recovery?

Recovery from Mental Disorders and Substance Use Disorders is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.SAMHSA, 2011

Recovery to Practice Initiative:

A Collaborative Effort of APA and the
American Association of Community Psychiatrists

The Recovery to Practice Initiative works to further the understanding and use of recovery-oriented services in psychiatry. This project is part of a larger, multidisciplinary SAMSHA initiative.



    SAMHSA Frequently Asked Questions about Recovery
    and Recovery Oriented Practice

     Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders - fact sheet

     Prevention and Recovery - fact sheet

     SAMHSA Recovery to Practice Resources (newsletters, webinars, etc.)

     SAMHSA Illness Management and Recovery Evidence-Based Practice Kit

    APA/AACP Full Report: Psychiatry and Recovery-Oriented Practice: A Situational Analysis

    Summary of Situational Analyses from different disciplines

     Self Evaluation - PROPER (Psychiatric Recovery Oriented
     Practics Evaluation and Rating)

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Recovery to Practice:  
Multidisciplinary Effort

American Psychiatric Nurses Association

American Psychological

Council on Social Work Education

International Association of Peer Supporters

NAADAC Association of Addiction Professionals