PsychNews on Integrated Care

Primary Care Physician Describes Health Care ‘Hot Spotting’, Jeffrey Brenner, M.D.
Dr. Brenner urges psychiatrists to create their own “hot spotting” initiatives to help bend the cost-curve, and he predicts that health systems will then beg for psychiatrists’ help.

Psychiatrist Leads Effort to Integrate Care at Pioneer ACO, Mark Moran
The payment system for accountable care organizations creates incentives for collaboration and novel ways of improving care.

DB Helps Develop Tool Kit to Help Physicians Thrive in ACOs, Mark Moran
A consortium that includes the North Carolina Psychiatric Association and more than 40 other state and county medical specialty societies has developed the “Physician’s Accountable Care Tool Kit,” which includes a section specifically for psychiatrists.

Pioneer Extends Integration To Community-Based Aging Services, Yeates Conwell, M.D.
A more fundamental line than the one between mental health care and other medical care is the barrier between medical care and community-based human and social services. This is the fifth in a series of profiles of leaders in integrated care. Listen to Dr. Conwell's audio interview.

Psychiatrist Focuses on Populations in Health Delivery Services, Benjamin Druss, M.D.
An emphasis on population-based care is the thread that runs through many of the movements in health care today, including accountable care organizations and medical homes.

Accreditation Programs Launched for Integrated Care, ACOs
URAC (formerly the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) is launching two new accreditation programs for physician groups and health systems moving toward clinical integration and accountable care.

Psychiatrist Finds Rewards in Teaching Collaborative Care, Anna Ratzliff, M.D.
A psychiatrist’s role in a collaborative team-based model is in part educational, serving as the source of knowledge for care managers and primary care staff. This is the seventh in a series profiling psychiatrists in integrated care.

New Yorkers to Find ‘No Wrong Door’ to Public-Health Facilities, Mark Moran
The introduction of collaborative care at primary care clinics in selected academic medical centers will introduce the model to a new generation of physician trainees. This and other initiatives may be one of the most far-reaching efforts by a state mental health authority to move toward an accountable and fully integrated public-health delivery system.

Psychiatry and Integrated Care: Looking at Psychiatry Through a Population Lens, Jurgen Unützer, M.D.

Collaborative Care: An Integral Part of Psychiatry’s Future, Jurgen Unützer, M.D.; Jeffrey Lieberman. M.D.

CMHC Medical Director Becomes Integrated Care Champion, John Kern, M.D.
Psychiatrists need to take a leadership role in integrated care. Listen to Dr. Kern's audio interview.

Training the Psychiatrist of the Future, Richard Summers, M.D.; Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D.

AMA Acts on Medicare Payment as Congress Considers Legislation, Mark Moran
Without reform of the Medicare payment formula, physicians will face very steep across-the-board payment cuts in January.

Three Decades of Working in Integrated Care, Wayne Katon, M.D.