Real Psychiatry: Doctors in Action - Video

Real Psychiatry: Doctors in Action, produced by the American Psychiatric Association, Division of Diversity and Health Equity, is a video program created to provide information to medical students and others interested in the profession of psychiatry. It was also created to increase the number of psychiatrists from different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups.

This 27-minute video features four psychiatrists who share their heartfelt experiences of the day-to-day practice of their profession. These psychiatrists, who represent different ethnicities, geographic regions and areas of professional focus, offer their perspectives and insights on why they chose psychiatry as a career and how their experiences as psychiatrists have enriched their lives.

The program is available in VHS and DVD formats and is available at no charge to medical students, medical schools, and interested organizations.

Real Psychiatry: Doctors in Action.

Featured Psychiatrists:

Dr. Curtis Adams, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Mary Roessel, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Lowell Tong, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Mercedes Martinez, Chicago, IL

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