National Minority Mentors Network (NMMN)

APA Minority Fellowships Program
National Minority Mentors Network (NMMN)

Those who have attained successful careers can usually identify one or more persons who have encouraged, advised or made some other contribution to their professional growth. The Office of Minority/National Affairs is aware that the availability of mentors is critical to the future of psychiatry. To facilitate this important part of the training experience, the office has taken steps to establish a national minority mentors network database for minority psychiatric residents.

Currently, the network provides mentors for trainees in the minority fellowships program. Individuals who participate in the mentor network are regularly sent information relating to the mentoring process. If you choose to become a minority mentor, you will be asked to meet with a trainee during the Annual Meeting to talk about his or her plans for career development. Mentors will be matched geographically and introduced to the trainee at the annual meeting. During the annual meeting, the mentor will meet with and suggest ways in which the trainee might get the most from attending the meeting. As a mentor you will also be available to answer questions about the APA Minority Fellowships Program and other resident programs. As a mentor, you may wish to continue a relationship with the trainee after the annual meeting. If you are not attending the annual meeting, we will provide you with the address and phone numbers of your assigned trainee.

Consider becoming a mentor for your younger colleagues and play an important role in their professional growth. We ask that you take a moment to fill out and return a mentor application form. The information on the form will be used to match mentors and trainees by geographic area and areas of interest. 

Mentor application form

More information and a mentor application form are also available by calling Marilyn King (703) 907-8653,

The importance of mentoring is critical to fostering successful careers in psychiatry.