APA Minority Fellowships Listserv (MFPNet)

 The APA Minority Fellowships Program (MFP) Listserv is an electronic communication network for current APA/SAMHSA and APA/AstraZeneca fellows, mentors and alumni/alumnae of the APA Minority Fellowships Program. A listserv provides a way to communicate with one another about any concerns or topics of interest. The listserv is known as MFP Net.

To Join MFP Net

The only requirement for joining the listserv is that you must be a current or former fellow in the Minority Fellowship Program and a current member in good standing of the American Psychiatric Association. To subscribe, please email Marilyn King at mking@psych.org.

To unsubscribe from MFPNet send your request to: webmaster@psych.org.