Disaster Psychiatry

Disaster Psychiatry has an important role in emergency prevention, response and recovery. In times of disasters, the APA works to coordinate and disseminate valuable and timely disaster psychiatry materials to those in the field and to facilitate the flow of information into and out of our organization.    

This following information will (1) provide readily available information for members, (2) provide readings on immediate responses to disaster, (3) provide available links and references for further information on disasters, and (4) facilitate the development of a network of psychiatrists interested in the area of Disaster Psychiatry. 


Disaster Psychiatry Resources:
1. "What to do Before, During, and After Disaster"
2. Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide
3. Skills for Psychological Recovery Field Operations Guide
4. "Grief Leadership"
5. "Restoring a Sense of Well-Being in Children After a Traumatic Event"
6. "Restoring a Sense of Safety in the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting"
7. "Fear Management"
8. "Coping with Anxiety During High-Risk Terrorist Alerts"

APA Disaster Psychiatry Resources:
- APA Disaster Liaisons Network (by District Branch and State Association)
- APA Disaster Psychiatry Handbook