Managing Chronic Pain and Co-ocurring Postraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

May 23, 2014

John D. Otis, Ph.D.
Director of Medical Education, Psychiatry 
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry 
Boston University School of Medicine 

Recent conflicts have resulted in a growing number of soldiers in need of comprehensive care related to both physical and psychological trauma. PTSD has been identified as a serious problem among returnees and veterans.  Given the number of physical injuries that are often sustained by returnees, it is not surprising that chronic pain is also a significant problem. The co-occurrence of chronic pain and PTSD may have serious implications in terms of an individual’s experience of symptoms associated with both conditions.  Research indicates that patients with chronic pain and PTSD experience more intense pain and affective distress, higher levels of life interference, and greater disability than pain patients without PTSD.  An intensive, integrated 6-session treatment for both of these disorders has been developed and is currently being evaluated in the VA. This webinar will review the development of this treatment and present preliminary data. 

click here to view Dr. Otis' PowerPoint presentation and Questions & Answers from the webinar session.