Initial Interaction and Screening of the Co-Morbid Pain Patient with Problem Opiate Use

June 12, 2012

Initial Interaction and Screening of the Co-Morbid Pain Patient with Problem Opiate Use

Stephen Wyatt, D.O.
Department of Psychiatry
Middlesex Hospital
Middletown, CT

As an addiction psychiatrist, Dr. Wyatt often receives referrals of patients who are in trouble with their use of opiate pain medication.  Some are substance use disordered patients who have fallen into denial around the abuse of their medication, others are patients with no prior history of a drug problem who self identify their opiate use problems and ask for help.  All these patients can do very well when their problems are correctly identified and appropriate treatment is implemented.  Buprenorphine can sometimes assist in the care of these patients.
In this webinar, Dr. Wyatt will discuss:
**  How to approach the pain patient identified as having an opiate use disorder
**  The importance of establishing the origin of and indirect contributors to the pain to better inform treatment
**  How buprenorphine can play a role in stopping the use of full opiate agonists while also improving function, wellbeing, and the patient’s pain level
**  How depression and anxiety can often play a role in the patient's pain problems. 
A variety of interventions, both medical and psychotherapeutic, can be used to address these problems.
The problems of over prescribing of opiates, as well as opiate abuse and diversion can lead to consequences that are sometimes lethal.  This presentation is designed to help the physician more responsibly handle this troubling diagnostic and management dilemma.

Please access Dr. Wyatt's presentation here.

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