Identifying and Intervening With Problematic Medication Use Behaviors


June 1, 2012

Identifying and Intervening With Problematic Medication Use Behaviors

Stephen Wyatt, D.O.
Department of Psychiatry
Middlesex Hospital
Middletown, CT 

Opioid medications can be an important addition to the care of patients, yet the difficulties associated with the inappropriate prescribing of opioid medications are well known.  There are cases when physicians follow standard of care guidelines in prescribing, but they do not recognize the difficulties ahead. 

Dr. Wyatt will discuss: 
**  The initial presentation and evaluation of patients in pain being considered for or continuing opiate medication
**  Approaches to gaining a greater understanding of the role pain has in patients’ lives, including how the management of their current pain may alter that role, along with their quality of life
**  The importance of appropriate screening and repeated assessment of the patient prescribed opioid medications for pain
**  Skills needed to frame the difficult discussion of discontinuing opioid medication when evidence of a worsening condition is apparent.

Finally, Dr. Wyatt will address the importance of discussing the difficulties the prescriber sees in the continued use of opiate medications in a particular patient.  The framework of this discussion is based on motivational interviewing.  However, the important standard in medicine of do no harm must be maintained and must guide the prescriber through a difficult discussion with the troubled patient.

Please access Dr. Wyatt's presentation here.