Focus on Marijuana Current Risks and Controversies

October 9, 2012

Focus on Marijuana: Current Risks and Controversies

Petros Levounis, MD, MA
Director, The Addiction Institute of New York
Chief, Division of Addiction Psychiatry
St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals
New York, NY

While recent research findings continue to underscore negative consequences of marijuana use, especially during the critical period of adolescence, there is striking paucity of information on the effects of combining cannabis with other drugs of abuse and medications used in addiction medicine. At the same time, the majority of our patients use several substances at once, including buprenorphine and marijuana, with unpredictable and sometimes dangerous consequences.

This webinar will explore the many aspects of marijuana use, from basic pharmacology to public policy, and attempt to answer questions such as the following:
    **Should one test patients who are treated with buprenorphine for cannabis? 
    **What are the detection limits, pros and cons, of urine and hair toxicology examinations? 
    **  What should a clinician do if the patient admits to (or is found to be) using marijuana? 
    **  Should cannabis dependence be treated, and, if so, how? 
    **  What is Spice and K-2?
The goal of this webinar is to present the fundamentals of marijuana from a clinical perspective, address the potentially dangerous—yet rarely researched and frequently underappreciated—aspects of drug-drug interactions, and discusses current controversies related to cannabis.

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