Drug Trends: Old Drugs and New Problems - New Drugs and New Problems



September 6, 2013

Drug Trends: Old Drugs and New Problems  - New Drugs and New Problems

Jane C. Maxwell, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
School of Social Work
University of Texas in Austin

This presentation will provide an overview of the current situation in drug use, especially of heroin, other opioids, cocaine, alcohol, cannabis/marijuana, and synthetic cannabis.  In addition, the latest information will be presented regarding trends in the use of Amphetamine-Type Substances, such as MDMA, synthetic cathinones, 2c phenethylamines, tryptamines, piperaziines, and methamphetamine.  The status of dissociative drugs such as dextromethorphan, ketamine, and phencyclidine will be updated, as well as patterns of use of other club drugs.

Dr. Maxwell will focus on drug use in the US but will also provide information on trends in other countries which can affect our patterns of use.  Links to important findings and documents will be included so that the practitioner will have access to more detailed information and suggested tools to use in dealing with families affected by drug abuse.

View the presentation slides from this webinar.