Assessment of Chronic Pain and Co-occurring Substance Use


January 20, 2012

Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain and Co-Occurring Substance Use


Jon Streltzer, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

Program Director, Addiction Psychiatry

University of Hawai’i

Director, Queen Emma Pain Clinic

Queens Medical Center

Honolulu, HI


Chronic pain is common in the general population, but only a minority become the difficult patients that are so problematic for clinicians.  These tend to be patients with comorbid substance use issues.  Recommended medical approaches to these patients have changed over the years and vary by country and even by community.  In the United States and Canada there has been significant controversy with regard to the assessment and treatment of these patients.


This webinar will review current evidence about the key issues of epidemiology and medical and psychological pathology of these chronic pain patients, as well as the expanding evidence about the biological effects of chronic opioid intake.  Further, it will suggest areas of assessment that will be helpful when designing treatment strategies.

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