Quick Practice Management Guides

A series of documents created by the APA’s Office of Healthcare Systems and Financing exploring common practice management issues encountered by psychiatrists.

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Titles include:

  • Medical Necessity, AMA's Definition of
  • Guidelines for Psychiatrists in Consultative, Supervisory or Collaborative Relationships with Nonphysician Clinicians
  • Criteria for Short-term Treatment of Acute Psychiatric Illness
  • Psychotherapy Notes under HIPAA
  • Documentation of Psychotherapy by Psychiatrists
  • Terminating Patient Relationships [Ending the Physician/Patient Relationship]
  • Keeping Patient Records [Retaining & Discarding Psychiatric Records]
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Medicare Advantage
  • How To Make Things Right With Medicare
  • When Medicare is the Secondary Payer
  • Medicare Appeals
  • Participating or NonParticipating in Medicare
  • Opting Out of Medicare
  • Off-Label Use of Drugs Under Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Part D Appeals Process
  • Pharmacotherapy: Depression
  • Pharmacotherapy: Schizophrenia
  • Tips on Contracting with Private insurers
  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Avoiding Common Procedure Coding Problems
  • Appealing Treatment/Reimbursement Denials
  • Getting Paid
  • Unpaid Claims — What to Do about Them
  • Conducting an Effective Job or Practice Search
  • Marketing Your Practice Effectively
  • An Overview of Antitrust Laws Affecting Physicians
  • Tips to Protect Your Practice while You Are Away
  • Closing Down a practice

Additional Online/Print Resources supported by OHSF

Practice Management for Psychiatrists: The Basics [free online to Members. The e-book is posted both as a single document download and as a chapter-by-chapter download for ease of printing.

Information on Mental Health Parity can be found on the APA website www.psych.org under Managing A Practice or on the APA co-sponsored site www.parityispersonal.org.