Medicare Fee Schedule

The Office of Healthcare Systems & Financing coordinates the activities relating to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel, where CPT codes are developed, and to the AMA RUC (RVS Specialty Society Update Committee), which makes recommendations to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the values for the procedures defined by CPT codes.

CMS reviews the RUC's recommendation and makes final determination on the fees, which are published each year as the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

Many private payers use the Medicare fee schedule as the basis for determining their fees for providers.  This underscores the importance of the APA's participation in the process.

The APA is represented in the CPT and RUC process by members of its Committee on RBRVS, Codes and Reimbursement:

  • Ronald Burd, ME, the RBRVS Committee Chair, is the APA's representative on the RUC.
  • Allan Anderson, MD, is the APA's alternate representative on the RUC.
  • Jeremy Musher, MD, serves as an advisor to the AMA's CPT Advisory Committee, which advises the CPT Editorial Panel. Dr. Musher is also the APA's advisor to the RUC.
  • Becky Yowell, Deputy Director of the Office of Healthcare Systems and Financing is the staff for CPT and the RUC.

Questions on these issues should be directed to to the attention of Becky Yowell.