Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing or eRx) is the electronic transmission of a prescription electronically directly to a pharmacy.  E-prescribing has some potential advantages in making prescribing more efficient and safer: calls from the pharmacist to clarify prescriptions should be significantly reduced; it’s less likely scripts will be filled incorrectly; and clinicians should receive notifications at the point of care of potential interactions with medications prescribed by other physicians.  The federal government is encouraging the use of e-prescribing through its Meaningful Use Program and some states have started to require that physicians use electronic prescribing. Check with your local district board if this is a concern or issue for you.


Prescribers Connect: Information for Physicians on Electronic Prescribing (Surescripts)

Toolset for E-Prescribing Implementation in Physician Offices (AHRQ)