Coding and Reimbursement

Course Materials for Seminar 13: CPT Coding and Documentation Update (AM 2014)

Procedure Coding for Smoking Cessation Counseling

There are several procedure codes available to describe services provided to encourage behavior change in individuals who use tobacco. Click to learn about the use of these codes.  Adobe PDF icon

See more resources on smoking cessation and mental illness.  Adobe PDF icon

2013 CPT Coding changes reviewed.

APA Coding Network

The APA's Office of Healthcare Systems & Financing maintains a CPT coding network service to answer members’ specific coding questions, and is actively involved in making sure that members are correctly reimbursed for the services they provide. 

Because CPT questions are very specific and often very complex, a protocol has been established for queries to ensure that there will be no misunderstanding.  APA members with CPT coding questions should:

  • Write an e-mail or memo and include your name, APA member number, city, state, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.
  • State the question or describe the problem thoroughly, but succinctly—a short paragraph is usually all that is necessary.Include any relevant correspondence from Medicare carriers, insurance companies, or third-party payers.
  • Cite any actions that have been taken relating to the problem, i.e., calls made, letters written.
  • Send your question via e-mail (, fax (907-703-1089), or mail (Office of Healthcare Systems and Financing, APA, 1000 Wilson Boulevard, MS 1825, Arlington, VA, 22209).

All questions will be answered as quickly as possible. 

APA Procedural Coding Courses and Workshops

CME courses devoted to general CPT coding and CPT coding using evaluation and management codes, as well as a CPT workshop are offered each year at the APA Annual Meetings.

APA CME Online Courses

Evaluation and Management Coding (CPT) and Documentation for Psychiatrists

Additional Coding Resources at

1997 CMS Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services (Abridged and Modified for Psychiatric Services), Office of Healthcare Systems & Financing.

More online print resources supported by OHSF

Quick Practice Management Guides – Documents exploring common practice management issues encountered by psychiatrists.

Practice Management for Psychiatrists: The Basics [free online to Members. The e-book is posted both as a single document download and as a chapter-by-chapter download for ease of printing.

Information on Mental Health Parity can be found on the APA website under Managing A Practice or on the APA co-sponsored site