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    2014 September Meeting

Preliminary Meeting Binder    [posted 9.10.2014]  
    Note:  Additional material will be added to this binder. Updates will be indicated.

APA Position Statements, either click the individual title below or use the APA Policy Finder tool.

Access to Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment and Integrated Treatment
Any Willing Physician
Access to Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment and Integrated Treatment
Psychotherapy and Managed Care
Guidelines for handling the transfer of provider networks
Codification of medical evaluation and management services in psychotherapy
Medical psychotherapy
Discriminatory Disability Insurance Coverage
Psychiatric Disability Evaluation by Psychiatrists
Psychiatrists Practicing in Managed Care: Rights and Regulations
Employment Related Psychiatric Examinations
Federal Exemption from the IMD Exclusion
Long-term mental hospital facilities, the need to maintain
Patient access to treatments prescribed by their physicians
Pharmacy Benefit Management
Pharmacy Benefit Management/Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)
State mental health services
Carve-Outs and Discrimination
Universal Access to Health Care
Medical Necessity Definition
Bill of rights: principles for the provision of mental and substance abuse treatment services
Active treatment
Chronic mental patient, call to action for the
Medical Professionalism, Charter on
Deregulation of Hospitals for the Mentally Ill and Retarded

    2014 Annual Meeting

           Preliminary Agenda [posted 4.30.2014]

           Meeting Binder [includes agenda; posted 4.30.2014]

    2013 September Meeting

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Meeting Binder [includes agenda; posted 9.19.2013]


    2013 Annual Meeting

    Preliminary Agenda    [updated & reposted 5.16.2013]

    Meeting Binder  [includes agenda/updated & reposted 5.16.2013]