Carol Davis Award

Carol Davis Ethics Award

Named after long-time APA Office of Ethics Director, Carol Davis, to honor her 30 years of service to the APA and the Ethics Committee, the Carol Davis Ethics Award is intended to promote the educational role of the ethics process.  The award is given annually to a district branch for the best newsletter article on ethics.

2013 Call for Submissions - Submissions due August 30, 2013

2005 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"A Modest Proposal: Boundaries with the Pharmaceutical Industry" by Dewey Walker, M.D., and Claire Zilber, M.D. of the Colorado Psychiatric Society.
2006 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"Boundary Violations & the Discipline Process in a Climate of Zero Tolerance" by D. Ray Freebury, M.D., of the Ontario District Branch.
Honorable Mention
"Notes from an 'Obligate Volunteer'" by L. Alan Wright, M.D., of the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society.
2007 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"On Philosophy, Ethics & Personal Development" by Claire Zilber, M.D., of the Colorado Psychiatric Society.
2008 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"Education or Slick Advertisement" by Mary Jo Fitz-Gerald, M.D., of the Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association.
2009 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"Involuntary Treatment for Cancer:  An Ethical Case Discussion" by Mark S. Komrad, M.D, and Debbie Weaver, M.D., of the Maryland Psychiatric Society
2010 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"It Is TIME To Be Ethical" by Mark S. Komrad, M.D., of the Maryland Psychiatric Society

2011 Carol Davis Ethics Award
"Ethical Considerations with Respect to Termination of Treatment due to Non-Payment" by Bruce Black, M.D. of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society

2012 Carol Davis Ethics Award
No Award Given

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