Joint Reference Committee


The Joint Reference Committee (JRC) serves as a clearinghouse between the Board of Trustees and/or Assembly and the councils referring matters to and from the Board and/or Assembly. Referrals may be made directly from the Assembly to the Board only in rare instances and at the request of the Assembly Executive Committee.  The JRC refers actions or issues to the appropriate council for assignment and study by a component.  Issues may also be referred to the Assembly, district branches and/or area councils for study and reporting back.  The JRC oversees the work of the components, serving as the judicial body for the solution of administrative problems arising between councils, monitoring and evaluating the functioning of components, and handling the overlapping concerns of several councils. The JRC may consider the merits of a project or problem referred by the Board of Trustees and/or Assembly and reach a conclusion without further reference to other APA components. The JRC receives position statements that have been approved by a council and may make recommendations to the Board and Assembly for discussion and/or adoption; and directly receives reports by councils that do not involve policy without additional referral to the Board of Trustees and/or Assembly.

The voting members of the Joint Reference Committee are the President-Elect who serves as the chairperson, the Speaker-Elect who serves as Vice-Chairperson, two members of the Board of Trustees (one of whom is the Immediate Past President), two members of the Assembly (traditionally the Recorder and the Immediate Past Speaker) and the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director. The Chairpersons of the Councils serve on the JRC as ex-officio nonvoting members.

Meetings of the Joint Reference Committee are held three times a year, generally in January, June and October. APA

Staff Contact:
Laurie McQueen, MSSW
Associate Director, Association Governance
p: 703-907-8523
f: 703-997-1292