The Assembly is a deliberative, advisory body to the Board of Trustees. It represents the individual members of the Association and acts for them in the affairs of the Association by means of the District Branch representatives. The Bylaws of the Association were amended in 1952 to create the Assembly of District Branches, commonly known as the Assembly. This allowed for representatives members of local/state psychiatric societies to meet and influence the direction of the national organization. Meetings of the Assembly are held twice yearly, each November in Washington, DC and each May just before the APA Annual Meeting.

The Assembly is officiated by a Speaker, Speaker-Elect and Recorder and governed by a Procedural Code of the Assembly. The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis, is used to maintain order during Assembly meetings.

The Assembly is comprised of Representatives and Deputy Representatives elected by the District Branches; a Representative and Deputy Representative from each Minority/Underrepresented Group; a Resident-Fellow Member Representative and Deputy Representative from each Area; an Early Career Psychiatrist Representative and Deputy Representative from each Area; a Representative from each Assembly Allied Organization; and the Assembly Executive Committee.  

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