Careers in Psychiatry

Real Psychiatry: Doctors in Action

Follow the typical day of 4 psychiatrists in various career settings.
Featured Psychiatrists:
Dr. Curtis Adams, Baltimore, MD
Dr. Mary Roessel, Santa Fe, NM
Dr. Lowell Tong, San Francisco, CA
Dr. Mercedes Martinez, Chicago, IL


Faces of Psychiatry: Profiles of Psychiatrists Highlighting Different Career Paths

Four video profiles (2 - 4 minutes each) featuring psychiatrists in different practice settings describing their work and careers.
Featured Psychiatrists:
Hind Benjelloun, MD, Psychiatry education and mentorship, Georgetown University
Rahsaan Lindsey, MD, Integrated career options
Gen. Loree Sutton, MD, Military psychiatry, US Army
Wilson Compton, MD, MPE, Addiction psychiatry and research, NIDA