Mentors of the Year Award

The APA is pleased to announce the creation of the new Mentors of the Year Award. This award was created to reward outstanding mentors in the psychiatric community. Superb mentors from any of the subspecialty branches of psychiatry and various work/specialized settings are eligible for this award. It is anticipated that awardees will have had a sustained career commitment to mentoring, a significant positive impact on their mentees' careers, fostered the careers of students and colleagues and through their mentees have advanced research and patient care in the field of psychiatry.

One “Mentor of the Year” winner will be selected in each of these mentorship categories:

  • Academic Educator 
  • Administration and Leadership 
  • Clinical Practice

Winners of the awards (along with the recipient of the Research Mentor of the Year) will present a symposium at the 2015 APA Annual Meeting on the topic of mentorship.

Who is Eligible for the Award:

  • Nominees must APA members 
  • Nominators must be a mentee of the nominee, or colleagues who have personal knowledge of the nominee’s mentoring efforts (at least one letter from a direct mentee.)
  • Mentors should be actively involved in research, teaching, mentoring, or other leadership activities.
  • Mentors should have devoted significant time to multiple mentees over time

Selection Criteria for Award:
Commitment and extraordinary effort to mentorship may be demonstrated by:

  • the number and diversity of students/residents/early career psychiatrist mentored;
  • assisting students/residents/early career psychiatrist to present and publish their work, to find financial aid, and to provide career guidance;
  • providing psychological support, encouragement, and essential strategies for life in the scholarly community;
  • continued interest in the individual's professional advancement;
  • offer sound counsel and valuable information to their mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee’s own path to academic and professional success;
  • generously share their valuable time and expertise in critiquing the mentee’s work;
  • help to create a vital and engaged academic community in their university;
  • involve peers and students in publications, grants and conferences, as well as readily sharing knowledge of such opportunities;
  • make others aware of the contributions and value of their mentees;
  • serve as role models for their colleagues by maintaining high standards for excellence within their own discipline and at the level.

How to Nominate:
Nomination packets should include:

  • Nomination letter/s (6 is the maximum). Nominations should describe the nominee’s mentoring process as well as the impact of the mentor’s influence on the careers of residents and/or colleagues.  At least one of the mentees who submit a letter of support must be an APA member.
  • CV

Residents and early career psychiatrists are eligible to nominate any mentor on any of the above categories.


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