Resource Documents

2015   Interacting with Caregivers (PDF)

2014  Access to Firearms by People with Mental Disorders (PDF)
Need to Monitor and Assess the Public Health and Safety Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana (PDF)
Psychotherapy as an Essential Skill of Psychiatrists  (PDF)
Telepsychiatry and Related Technologies in Clinical Psychiatry (PDF)
Use of Antipsychotic Medications to Treat Behavioral Disturbances in Persons with Dementia (PDF)

2013 Cultural psychiatry as a specific field of study relevant to the assessment and care of all patients (PDF)
Marijuana as Medicine (PDF)
Risk Management and Liability Issues in Integrated Care Models (PDF)


Gender identity disorder, Report of the APA Task Force on treatment of (PDF)
Neuroimaging markers of psychiatric disorders, Consensus report of the APA Work Group on (PDF)
Syringe Exchange Programs (PDF)


Physician wellness (PDF)
Psychiatric violence risk assessment


Xenophobia, immigration and mental health  (PDF)


Abortion and women's reproductive health care rights (PDF)
Access to firearms by people with mental ilnness (PDF)

College mental health and confidentiality (PDF)
Complementary and alternative medicine in major depressive disorder
Guidelines for psychiatrists in consultative, supervisory or collaborative relationships with nonphysician clinicians
Integrated care of older adults with mental disorders (PDF)

The Internet in clinical psychiatry 
The Management of Depression during Pregnancy: A Report from the American  Psychiatric Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (PDF)
Psychiatric advance directives (PDF)
Use of medication in treating childhood and adolescent depression: Information for patients and families (PDF)
Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) white paper (PDF)


Closing a practice at short notice: What every psychiatrist and their family should know (PDF)


Psychiatrists' responses to requests for psychiatric information in federal personnel investigations (PDF)
Religious/spiritual commitments and psychiatric practice (PDF)

The Use of restraint and seclusion in correctional mental health care (PDF)


Brain imaging and child and adolescent psychiatry with special emphasis on SPECT (PDF)


Alternatives to managed care (PDF)
Consensus statement on "Managing the risks of repetitive transcranial stimulation" (PDF)

Guidelines for psychiatric “fitness for duty” evaluations of physicians (PDF)

Mental health and the criminal justice system: Redirecting resources toward treatment, not containment 

Same sex marriage 


Mental retardation and capital sentencing: Implementation of Atkins v. Virginia 


Mental health: Treat them right at first sight
Pharmacy benefit management and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM)

Psychotherapy by psychiatrists, Documentation of

Psychotherapy notes provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) privacy rule 


Carve-outs and discrimination 


Disclosure and confidentiality, Guidelines concerning licensing board questions re. prior psychiatric treatment (PDF)
Managed care reviewers, Guidelines of practice for

Mandatory outpatient treatment (PDF)

Psychiatric leadership in organized delivery systems, Recommendations for 


Guidelines for psychiatric practice in state and community psychiatry systems
HIV and children

Medical necessity determinations, Model statutory provision on state licensure of physicians making
Medical necessity, Model statutory provision on burden and standard of proof in decisions about

Model legislation on managed care drug formularies
Research subjects with cognitive impairment, Guidelines for assessing the decision-making capacities of potential

Telepsychiatry via videoconferencing 


Child custody, Controversies in: gay/lesbian parenting; gender issues; transracial adoption; and joint/sole custody
General principles for the operation of managed mental health and substance abuse organizations
Guidelines for ethical practice in organized settings

Medical use of marijuana HIV/AIDS

Psychotherapy with medical evaluation and management


AIDS policy: guidelines for inpatient psychiatric units
Computerized records: a guide to security

HIV-infected psychiatrists
Medical psychotherapy

Occupational HIV exposure: protocols and protections
Peer review of expert testimony (PDF)

Preserving patient confidentiality in the era of information technology

Principles for evaluating guidelines intended to promote high quality cost-effective care

Principles of informed consent in psychiatry


Guidelines for psychiatric practice in state and community psychiatry systems
Professional responsibilities of psychiatrists in evolving health care systems
Recommendations for psychiatric leadership in organized delivery systems for treatment of psychiatric, including substance related, disorders
Regulatory guidelines for protecting the interests of psychiatric patients in emerging health care systems


Guidelines for psychiatric practice in public sector psychiatric inpatient facilities
HIV infection and psychiatric hospitalization of children and adolescents

Legal sanctions for mental health professional-patient sex

National health care reform, A Recommendation for Pursuit of the Following Principles on


AIDS policy: guidelines for inpatient psychiatric services
Patient self-determination act: what every psychiatrist should know
Women in academic psychiatry and research


AIDS policy: guidelines for outpatient psychiatric services
Model job description for a medical/clinical director in the office of the state mental health program director

Medication, Right to refuse


Guidelines to District Branches for a policy on physician impairment (PDF)
Leadership in public mental health facilities: Guidelines for the chief executive officer and the medical/clinical director

Occupational HIV exposure protocols and protections, Interim guidelines for

Psychiatrists who are HIV infected, Interim guidelines regarding

Security clearance, Guidelines regarding the role of the psychiatrist when requested to provide information about patients for


Psychiatrists' signatures, Guidelines regarding


AIDS policy: confidentiality and disclosure
Confidentiality, Guidelines on

Physician's duty to take precautions against patient violence


Social Security Disability claimants, Guidelines for psychiatric evaluation of


Psychiatric hospitalization of adults, Guidelines for legislation on the
Radio/television. Guidelines for psychiatrists appearing on 


Psychiatric hospitalization of minors: clinical and legal considerations, Four alternatives to the guidelines for the
Psychiatric hospitalization of minors, Guidelines for the


Confidentiality of health and social service records, Model law on


Communications media, Guidelines for psychiatrists working with the