Early Career Psychiatrists

Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) are general members of the APA who are within their first seven years after completion of training (ACGME accredited residency/fellowship). Information on this page will help you navigate the APA and provide information about career development.
If you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please contact the ECP Representative in your local District Branch, Area, or National Committee through the Online Component Directory.

The current Board of Trustees ECP is MollyMcVoy, M.D.(2013-2015) molly.mcvoy@uhhospitals.org
The current Assembly ECP Committee Chair is Steve Koh, M.D. (2013-2015) shkoh77@yahoo.com
Staff Liaison: Jon Fanning (jfanning@psych.org)
Mission Statement of the Assembly Committee on ECPs 
The Assembly Committee on Early Career Psychiatrists provides bi-directional communication between the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and its general members who are in the early stages of their psychiatric careers. The Committee seeks to enhance the experiences of early career psychiatrists within the APA and to promote career development. 

The Committee works to fulfill three aims:

1) to help identify and represent the interests of early career psychiatrists locally, regionally, and nationally
 2) to facilitate participation of early career psychiatrists within the membership and leadership of the APA and its district branches
 3) to contribute to policy making and educational endeavors of the APA as they relate to the professional development of early career psychiatrists.

Starting a Practice - helpful tools and a reference guide for practice management
ECP Peer-to-Peer Networking Events
Early Career Psychiatrists are provided an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking by participating in a caucus meeting to be held during the Annual Meeting. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ECP Peer-to-Peer Networking opportunities, please update your member profile here on the APA website by following the instructions here:

Opt In for ECP Correspondence