Councils and Commitees


The Bylaws of the Association vest in the Board of Trustees the ability to establish components (councils, committees and other special organizational entities) that are necessary to implement the objectives of the Association. Currently there are 13 councils which report to the Joint Reference Committee. There are also 8 Standing Committees which report to the Board of Trustees. The charges to the councils and committees may be found in the APA Operations Manual.

Council on Addiction Psychiatry

Council on Advocacy and Government Relations

Council on Children, Adolescents and Their Families

Council on Communications

Council on Geriatric Psychiatry

Council on Healthcare Systems and Financing

Council on International Psychiatry

Council on Medical Education and Lifelong Learning

Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities

Council on Psychiatry and Law

Council on Psychosomatic Medicine (Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry)

Council on Research

Council on Quality Care

Membership Committee