Resident-Fellow Member

Resident-Fellow Members are physicians who have been accepted into a psychiatric residency training program that is approved by the ACGME, RCPS(C), or AOA and remain enrolled therein. Residents enrolled in a one-year primary care training program to be followed by an approved psychiatric residency are eligible for Resident-Fellow Member status.  

First Year APA Dues are waived for Resident-Fellow Members! After that, Resident-Fellow Member annual national dues are only $105/U.S. and $65/Canada.  

Automatic Advancement to General Member:  Resident-Fellow Members are automatically advanced to General Member (GM) status upon completion of psychiatry residency training.  APA requires that members verify they meet the General Membership requirements by completing the GM Verification Form.  If a Resident-Fellow Member is continuing training in a fellowship program, the information must be reported to APA on the GM Verification Form or by email ( so the member’s status can be changed back to Resident-Fellow Member.


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