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Integrated or collaborative care is the coordination of care for patients who have psychiatric disorders, which includes substance use disorders and general medical illness. There is a higher rate of psychiatric illness in patients with chronic medical illness, and a higher rate of chronic medical illness among patients with psychiatric illness, especially with serious and persistent mental illness. Patients with these coinditions have increased morbidity and mortality and are costly, but because of the way our service systems have evolved over time, the prevailing tendency has been to treat medical and psychiatric illness as if they occur in different domains. That simply is not true from the standpoint of patients, and if we are going to have patient-centered care, it needs to encompass all of their needs. —APA President-elect Paul Summergrad, M.D.


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Toolkit: How to Practice in Integrated Care Settings


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Accrediting agencies can have one or more products related to integration of care. Some products may be tangential such as care management but may have some application depending upon the specific need. Be sure to tour sites in order to find products appropriate to your needs. Some examples of these bodies’ products include the medical home, specialty health home (including behavioral), accountable care organizations, quality measurement, and more. Applying facilities can gain accreditation, certification, recognition, and so on.

Health Policy

Selected integrated care policy references and articles

Where is Payment Going?

Report: Economic Impact of Integrated Medical-Behavioral Healthcare, Implications for Psychiatry, report of the APA prepared by the global health care actuary firm Milliman.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)


APA Resources

APA publishes response to AAFP’s revisions to “Joint Principles Integrating Behavioral Health Care Into the Patient-Centered Medical Home” in journal Families, Systems, and Health.
2009 APA Report on the Integration of Psychiatry and Primary Care.  This is an APA BOT Ad Hoc Work Group Position Statement.
APA Position Statements:
      Psychiatry & Primary Care Integration Across the Lifespan, 2010
      Principles of Health Care Reform for Psychiatry, 2008
APA Resource Documents:
      Integrated Care of Older Adults with Mental Disorders, 2009
      Risk Managaement and Liability Issues in Integrated Care Models (2013)

AMA Resources

     Payment Model Resources for Physicians 
    AMA Summary of Proposed Rules and Policy Statements re: Medicare Shared Savings/ACO Program

Associations and Affiliates

Academy of Medicine and Psychiatry 
Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine 
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACP)
American Academy of Family Physicians 
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association of Community Psychiatrists
National Association of Community Health Centers
National Council of Community and Behavioral Health
Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative


Center of Excellence for Integrated Care, North Carolina
DIAMOND, Minnesota
IMPACT Implementation Center: Jurgen Unutzer, MD
Integrated Behavioral Health Project, California
Mental Health Integration Program, Washington State
TEAMcare – multidisciplinary collaboration between University of Washington and the Group Health Research Institute developing models to improve the quality of care and outcomes of chronic medical conditions for patients.