Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing or eRx) is the electronic transmission of a prescription electronically directly to a pharmacy.  E-prescribing has some potential advantages in making prescribing more efficient and safer: calls from the pharmacist to clarify prescriptions should be significantly reduced; it’s less likely scripts will be filled incorrectly; and clinicians should receive notifications at the point of care of potential interactions with medications prescribed by other physicians.  The federal government is encouraging the use of e-prescribing through the Medicare Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program with financial incentives for clinicians using eRx, and payment reductions for clinicians who are not using eRx.  Because there are different payment adjustments (penalties) tied to the mutiple eHealth programs, CMS developed a Payment Adjustment Tool to show what payment adjustments to expect based on clinicians’ past, current, and expected future participation.


Medicare Electronic Prescribing Incentive Program

ePrescribing Learning Center (AMA)
Includes listing and reviews of eRx products

Listing of electronic prescribing products (Surescripts)

Prescribers Connect: Information for Physicians on Electronic Prescribing (Surescripts)

Toolset for E-Prescribing Implementation in Physician Offices (AHRQ)

Payment Adjustment Tool