APA Position Statements

                                       "Policy documents are approved by the APA Assembly and Board of Trustees... These are ... position statements that define APA official policy on specific subjects." APA Operations Manual                                      

Need to monitor and assess the public health and safety consequences of legalizing marijuana
Prior authorizations for psychotropic medications
Psychotherapy as an essential skill of psychiatrists

Cultural psychiatry as a specific field of study relevant to the assessment and care of all patients
Detained immigrants with mental illness
Firearm access, acts of violence and the relationship to mental illness and mental health services
Issues related to homosexuality
Legal proceedings and access to psychiatric care for juvenile offenders
Legislative intrusion and reproductive choice
Marijuana as medicine
Newborn infant adoptions
Therapies focused on memories of childhood physical and sexual abuse  
School-based health clinics
Somatic cell nuclear transfer 
Use of medical marijuana for posttraumatic stress disorder

Assessing the risk of violence
Banning of pharmacy benefit management policies that require the provision of dangerous quantities of medications
Firearms access: Inquiries in clinical settings
HIV-infected psychiatrists
HIV infection and pregnant women
Occupational HIV exposure: Protocols and protections
Recognition and management of HIV-related neuropsychiatric findings and associated impairments
Recognition and management of substance use disorders and other mental health comorbid with HIV
Segregation of prisoners with mental illness
Substance use disorders
Support for peer support services
Syringe exchange program
Transgender and gender variant individuals, Access to care for
Transgender and gender variant individuals, Discrimination against
Use of opioid medications with terminally ill patients

Bullying-related morbidity and mortality, Joint AACAP/APA statement 
Guns on college and university campuses, Proposed legislation
Homosexuality (call for international action)
Juveniles serving lengthy mandatory terms of imprisonment, Review of sentences
Mental health, children and disasters, Joint APA/AACAP statement on 
Physician wellness 
Utilization review, Remuneration for psychiatrists’ time performing

Confidentiality of computerized records  
Conflicts of interest principles and guidelines: With special interest for clinical practice and research 
Direct to consumer advertising, Adoption of AMA statement on 
High volume psychiatric practice and quality of patient care
Infectious disease epidemics including H1N1
No “Dangerous Patient” exception to federal psychotherapist-patient testimonial privilege
Posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury 
Psychiatry and primary care integration across the lifespan

Abortion and women's reproductive rights
Access to comprehensive psychiatric assessment and integrated treatment  
Adolescent substance abuse 
Atypical antipsychotic agents  
Carve-outs and discrimination 
Discriminatory disability insurance coverage 
Employment-related psychiatric examinations 
HIV and adolescents  
HIV and inpatient psychiatric services 
HIV and outpatient psychiatric services  
HIV antibody testing  
HIV/AIDS and confidentiality, disclosure and protection of others  
Interference with scientific research and medical care 
Medication substitution  
Provision of psychotherapy for psychiatric residents 
Psychiatrists practicing in managed care: Rights and regulations
Regarding hypnosis 
Tobacco dependence  
Use of animals in research 
U.S. military policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” 
Xenophobia, immigration and mental health

Capital Punishment, Adoption of AMA statement on  
Consistent treatment of all applicants for state medical licensure  
Corporal punishment in schools
Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation
Ensuring access to, and appropriate utilization of, psychiatric services for the elderly
Human rights abuses, Denial of
Juvenile death sentences
Medical necessity definition
Precepts of paliative care
Principles for health care reform for psychiatry  
Reactive attachment disorder
State mental health services  
HIV and crystal methamphetamine 
HIV infection and people over 50

Any willing physician
Bias-related incidents
Bill of rights: principles for the provision of mental health and substance abuse treatment services  
Care of pregnant and newly delivered women addicts
Driving ability, Role of psychiatrists in assessing
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)  
Family planning
Federal exemption from the IMD exclusion 
Hospital privileges for psychologists
Inclusion of substance-related disorders as psychiatric disorders in any program designed to assure access and quality of care for persons with mental health
Insanity defense 
Minimum necessary guidelines for third-party payers for psychiatric treatment
Moratorium on capital punishment in the United States
Patient access to treatments prescribed by their physicians
Patient-physician covenant
Peer review of expert testimony
Pharmacy benefit management 
Preventing violence in America: A commitment from health professionals
Prevention of violence
Psychiatric disability evaluations by psychiatrists 
Psychiatric services in jails and prisons
Relationship between treatment and self help
Release of patients’ records to state medical boards 
Resolution condemning the role of Psychiatrist Radovan Karadazic in human rights abuse in the former Yugoslavia
Sexual harrassment
Torture, Joint resolution on
Treatment of substance use disorders in the criminal justice system 
Use of jails to hold persons with criminal charges who are awaiting civil psychiatric hospital beds
Use of stigma as a political tactic
Violence in America can and must be prevented: A call for action from medicine, nursing, and public health  

Psychiatric participation in interrogation of detainees  
Resolution against racism and racial discrimination and their adverse impacts on mental health 

Adjudication of youths as adults in the criminal justice system 
College and university mental health 
Death sentences for persons with dementia or traumatic brain injury 
Mentally ill prisoners and death row  
Publication of findings from clinical trials  
Recovery, Use of the concept of

Diminished responsibility in capital sentencing 
Mental health, substance abuse and aging: Three resolutions  
Psychiatric implications of HIV/HCV coinfection
Universal access to health care 

Concensus statement on quality of care in nursing homes, Endorsement  

Access to comprehensive psychiatric assessment and integrated treatment  
Declaration of professional responsibility: Medicine's social contract with humanity 
Medical professionalism, Charter on
Pharmacy benefit management/Pharmacy benefit managers (PBM)  

Core principles for end-of-life care  
Discrimination against International Medical Graduates  
Doctors against handgun injury (revised)  
Domestic violence  

Therapies focused on attempts to change sexual orientation (reparative or conversion therapies)

Psychotherapy and managed care 

Abuse and misuse of psychiatry, Identification of 
Sexual harassment litigation, Misuse of psychiatric examinations and disclosure of psychiatric records in 

Codification of medical evaluation and management services in psychotherapy 
Discrimination against person with previous psychiatric treatment 
Religious persecution and genocide 
Vision, mission, values and goals of the Association 

Ethical use of telemedicine 
Guidelines for handling the transfer of provider networks 
Training needs in addiction psychiatry 

Abuse and misuse of psychiatry  
Psychiatrists from underrepresented groups in leadership roles 
Resolution opposing any restriction on the number of IMG's entering graduate medical training 
Use of psychiatric institutions for the commitment of political dissenters 

Homicide prevention and gun control
TV violence

HIV and discrimination
Human rights 

Child abuse and neglect by adults 
Day care for preschool children  
Right to privacy (reproductive issues and adult consensual sexual relations)

Psychiatric hospitalization of children and adolescents

Confidentiality of medical records: physician right to privacy concerning his/her own health records 
Separation of children and adolescents from adult patients in state mental hospitals 

Active treatment 
Chronic mental patient, A call to action for the

Affirmative action

Desegregation of hospitals for the mentally ill and retarded  
Minority psychiatrists, training of 

Long-term mental hospital facilities, the need to maintain