2012 News Releases

2012 APA News Releases

American Psychiatric Association Responds to NRA Comments
National Mental Health Experts React to NRA Response on Newtown Tragedy 
APA President Statement on Newtown Tragedy
Health Reform and Integrated Care

American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees Approves DSM-5

President Obama Re-election

Research on Strategies to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination

APA Joins Discussion on Physician Payment Sunshine Act
Readjustment Stressors a Key Driver of Treatment Seeking Among Veterans with PTSD

APA Position Statements on Transgender Individuals
Children More Likely to Stay in Treatment when Parents Perceive Benefits

APA Supports IOM Report on Mental Health Workforce for Growing Geriatric Population 
Report of the APA Task Force on Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder

New Study Examines Depiction of People with Schizophrenia in Movies 
APA Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act 
DSM-5 Draft Criteria Draws Nearly 2,300 Responses 
Jeremy A. Lazarus, M.D., former APA Assembly Speaker, Assumes AMA Presidency 
APA Submits Comments on Solitary Confinement Policy to Senate Judiciary Subcommittee
Antioxident Treatment Boosts Marijuana Cessation Rates in Adolescents

New Study Examines Benefits of Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP)
APA Gives Back Program Benefits Philadelphia Mental Health Program
Social Integration of People with Mental Health: Examing Progress to Date

New Research in Medicine and Mental Health Press Briefing, APA Annual Meeting 2012
Give An Hour Founder Honored by Time Magazine 
APA 2012 Annual Meeting Special Track to Highlight DSM-5 Development 
APA Launches Job Central
APA 2012 Annual Meeting Special Track to Highlight Military Mental Health Issues

New Research: Public Less Willing to Pay to Avoid Mental Health than General Medical Illness
Fewer Medical School Seniors Electing Psychiatry as a Specialty
Commentary Takes Issue with Criticism of New Autism Definition
APA 2012 Annual Meeting to Highlight Alcoholism Research and Treatment with Special Track Organized by NIAAA 
Statement from APA President John M. Oldham, M.D., on PLoS Article
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Receives the Jacob Javits Award for Public Service
Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD, Elected APA President-elect
“Pipeline Summit” Convenes Investors and Leaders in Industry, Government, and Academic Communities 
Preventive Treatment of Pregnant Women at High Postpartum Psychosis Risk
Combination of Two Evidence-based Practices Shows Promise in Addressing Chronic Homelessness

APA 2012 Annual Meeting to Highlight Integrated Care
APA Letter to "60 Minutes"
Delay on Cuts to Medicare Reimbursements
APA 2012 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, May 5 to 9
Evidence-Based Supported Employment Program Shows Significant Benefit For Veterans with Mental Health

DSM-5 Proposed Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder Designed to Provide More Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment
APA Names Jeffrey Borenstein, M.D., Editor in Chief of Psychiatric News
APA “Joining Forces” with White House to Help Returning Veterans and their Families