AJP Articles Among the Top Psychiatry Stories in 2013

Fri January 17, 2014

The Editors of NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry announced the 10 top psychiatry stories in 2013, and SIX were based on articles published in The American Journal of Psychiatry!  

In 2013, this New England Journal of Medicine effort published more than 250 summaries of psychiatry articles they felt were in keeping with their emphasis on the goal of high relevance for improving clinical practice. It was from these 250 stories that the top 10 were selected. That the majority of the list's selections came from AJP, APA's official journal, reflects the journal’s commitment to publishing articles that deliver clinically important information to our members.

Here are the stories, along with the issue in which the original article appeared: 

  • Prazosin for PTSD Symptoms and Nightmares in Active-Duty Combat Soldiers (September 2013)
  • Varenicline: Fewer Adverse Events Than Previously Thought (December 2013)
  • The Question of Ketamine in Treatment-Resistant Depression (October 2013)
  • Folate for Treatment-Resistant Depression (December 2012)
  • Higher-Dose Citalopram and the FDA Warnings: Not Much to Worry About? (June 2013)
  • Do Antipsychotics Hasten Poor Outcomes in Patients with Alzheimer Disease? (September 2013)  

In addition, The American Journal of Psychiatry has an Impact Factor in the top 1% of all journals, indicating that the content significantly contributes to the research literature and thus informs future clinical practice as well.  

See the full Journal Watch article announcing the selections.


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