Council on Communications

The Council on Communications collaborates with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs and other APA departments to guide and enhance the APA’s many activities in the dynamic field of communications.

The council is charged with transforming public attitudes towards psychiatry by:

  • Connecting the public emotionally to psychiatrists, ·        
  • Creating excitement about psychiatrists' ability to prevent and treat mental illness, and ·        
  • Branding psychiatrists as the mental health and physician specialists with the most knowledge, training, and experience in the field.

Current Members (May 2014-2015) of the Council on Communications include:

 J Raymond DePaulo, MD, Chair 
John Luo, MD, Vice Chair  
Carol Ann Bernstein, MD
Jeffrey A Borenstein, MD
Serina Deen, MD MPH
Richard Alan Friedman, MD
Sarah Johnson, MD, MSC
Peter David Kramer, MD
Lawrence Malak, MD
Gail M Saltz, MD
Lloyd I Sederer, MD
David Spiegel, MD
Arshya Barati Namin Vahabzadeh, MD 


Ahmed Khan SAM-2nd yr.
Dimas Tirado-Morales DL-2nd yr.
Ayana Jordan APL-2nd yr.
Olanrewaju Dokun SAM-1st yr.
Marie Clare Bourque DL-1st yr.
Stefani LaFrenierre SAM-1st yr.
Steven Chan SAM-1st yr.
Chaun Mei Lee SAM-1st yr.

APA STAFF: Lisa Fields

Award overseen by the Council on Communications

Newsletter of the Year Award ‑ Established: 1968 & amended in December 2011

Member Communications Award - Established in 2011

The Member Communications Award acknowledges the use of new technology to communicate, engage and educate members and the public on matters of importance to psychiatry.  The award recognizes four award categories: Innovative & Emerging Technology; e-Newsletters; Websites; and the Overall Communications Plan. All four categories must communicate effectively with APA members and external audiences on matters of importance to psychiatry, the District Branch/State Association or APA constituent groups. Each member group has an opportunity to select from one of the four categories and submit the entry form accordingly. An award can be won in successive years.

Judging criteria include: how the entry addresses the goals of the publication or social media format; the quality of writing and headlines; readability; originality; general layout and design; timeliness/frequency, and overall impression. Honorarium:  The winner(s) of the 2014 Member Communications Award will receive a certificate & will be acknowledged in APA’s communication & social media outlets.

Submissions:  District Branch/State Associations are notified directly of each year's competition and are sent the award categories, judging criteria and the entry form. 
Deadline for entries: August 3, 2015 
Component: Council on Communications.