Step 3: Review and Dispute 2013 Data by December 31, 2014

Review and dispute data by September 10, 2014

Notice:  CMS has reported the possibility of occasional shutdowns of the Open Payments System through September 5. 

In Step 3, for 45 days immediately following the initial availability of the Open Payments System (July 14, 2014), physicians can request their individual report, review it and dispute inaccuracies in data submitted. CMS has indicated that it will not resolve disputes, but errors can be reported to manufacturers through the Open Payments System or directly through Open Payments contacts listed on most manufacturer websites.

NOTE: Physicians who have no data reported by industry should receive the following message when clicking on the review/affirm/dispute tab:

"You have the following errors on the page:

There are no results that match the specified search criteria."