APA Congressional Action Network

An effective grassroots advocacy strategy is vital to the future and advancement of psychiatry. As a member of the medical community, your responsibility to communicate with your elected federal and state representatives is especially great; you are highly respected and consequently have the ability to be an effective voice for psychiatry and your patients. Concerns expressed by constituents help influence a legislator's position and the most strongly a constituent group can articulate its concerns, the greater likelihood that the elected official will pay attention and take action. Well-reasoned personal views supported by professional experience have proven to be extremely persuasive.

APA Action Center

The Advocacy Action Center is another great way to increase advocacy on behalf of psychiatry and those living with mental health and substance use disorders. By signing up for the Grassroots Network, APA-CAN!, you will gain access to the Action Center website, an interactive tool which enables members to respond to action alerts by communicating with their elected officials via email, fax, or telephone, and search for pertinent legislation at the federal and state levels.

To access the Advocacy Action Center, please click here.

Grassroots Network

There is no more powerful lobbying tool than an effective grassroots network. The APA’s Grassroots Network, APA-CAN! is here to help you make your voice heard, individually and collectively, by keeping you up to date on state and federal legislative issues impacting you and your patients.

Please email advocacy@psych.org to sign up for the Grassroots Network.