More About Psychiatry

Faces of Psychiatry:    Profiles of psychiatrists highlighting 
                                        different career paths.

Four video profiles (2 - 4 minutes each) featuring psychiatrists in different practice settings describing their work and careers.

Part 1:  Psychiatry Education and Mentorship
Hind Benjelloun, M.D. mentors residents at Georgetown Univeristy and discusses the opportunities involved for those who pursue a career in psychiatry. Dr. Benjelloun shares about rewarding patient interactions, the urgent need for psychiatrists, and the engaging future of the profession.

Part 2:  Integrated Career Options
Psychiatrist Rahsaan Lindsey, MD, explains how his psychiatry career allows him to divide his time to work in both the emergency room and private practice where he helps children and teens.  

Part 3: Military
Gen. Loree Sutton, a psychiatrist in the U.S. Army, talks about the challenges and rewards of serving as a doctor and a psychiatrist in the military.

Part 4: Addiction Psychiatry
Psychiatrist Wilson Compton, M.D., M.P.E, a researcher from the National Institue on Drug Abuse, describes his career leading major national research programs.