Practice Guidelines Program Director

Announcement No.: PGPD12042014-44
Position: Practice Guidelines Program Director

Grade: E-18
Division/Department: Quality Improvement and Psychiatric Services (QIPS)

Salary Range: $82,600 - $95,100
FLSA Status: Exempt
Work Site: Arlington, VA
Work Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (not actual work hours)
Area of Consideration: All applicants
Opening Date: December 4, 2014

Closing Date: Open Until Filled


The Practice Guidelines Program Director is responsible for (1) Strategic Direction: Develop and implement strategic direction for the Practice Guideline project. (2) Supervises development and publication of practice guidelines, guideline watches, and derivative products. Ensure that development adheres to a defined process. (3) Reviews, writes, and edits guideline products. (4) Manages budget and administration of the guidelines project. Supervise project staff. (5) Serves as staff liaison for the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines and the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines.


Strategic Direction: Develop and implement strategic direction for the Practice Guideline project 

  • Develop and implement strategic direction for the Practice Guideline project to maintain currency of practice guidelines, decrease the length of the guideline development cycle, and to develop products that are suitable to use at the point of care. Vision and needs for new and restructured activity will be defined by the incumbent, the healthcare environment, APA components, and staff. Examples include adapting guidelines to the rapidly evolving demands of electronic health records and performance measures. 
  • Develops and maintains contacts with other groups developing guidelines that bear on psychiatric practice. Tracks what other groups are doing with respect to guideline development. Attends meetings as assigned and reports proceedings to Director of QIPS. 
  • Works with project staff, the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines, and other APA departments including APP Marketing and the Division of Communications and Public Affairs to define and implement strategies to improve dissemination and use of practice guidelines. 
  • Coordinates activities related to disseminating guidelines and evaluating their impact. Monitors sales and usage of the guidelines. 
  • Develops and implements funding proposals from foundations and public agencies.

Supervise development and publication of practice guidelines, guideline watches, and derivative products 

  • Supervises work of project staff to maintain all practice guidelines in development. Ensures that development adheres to the process defined by the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines, i.e., that disclosure and conflict of interest policies are followed; the literature search and evidence review is systematic and meticulous; drafts are consistent in content and form with other guidelines; iterative revisions are reviewed by appropriate experts, APA components, and organizations; comments by these reviewers are addressed; and final drafts are submitted for approval by the APA Assembly and Board of Trustees. Sets approval and publication goals. 
  • Supervises development of guideline watches. Directs reviews and literature searches to determine what major developments should be addressed by watches. Finds experts to author watches. Defines the intent and scope of watches for authors. Directs review process executed by project staff and obtains approval for publication by the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines.
  • Supervises development of derivative products including quick reference guides (QRGs) and continuing medical education (CME) courses following approval of new guidelines. Drafts and edits products as described under Major Responsibility #2 or directs others to draft them. Directs review process executed by project staff and obtains approval for publication by the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines. Ensures that CME courses are regularly reviewed and updated as requested by the Department of CME to meet requirements of ACCME and ABPN. 
  • Works with staff from AJP, APP, the Department of CME, the Division of Research, and Information Systems to publish guidelines, guideline watches, and derivative products in AJP, in APP compendiums, on PsychiatryOnline, on the APA website, on the APA CME website, and in other APA journals and publications such as Focus and Psychiatric Research Report. Reviews proofs and ensures signoff for publication by project staff, consultants, authors, and committee and work group members. 
  • Ensures that guideline-related content on the APA website, on, and on AJP online (HighWire) is current. Directs changes as needed by the Project Manager, APPI, and others. Monitors usage. 
  • Submits guidelines for publication in abstract form by the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC). Reviews abstracts developed by NGC and obtains approval by the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines for their publication. Ensures that NGC requirements to review and update guidelines more than 5 years old are addressed by the guideline review process.

Write and edit guideline content 

  • Reviews guideline drafts and guideline watches in detail and acts in capacity of science writer, editing, rewriting, and reorganizing them or provides information and direction to other staff, consultants, and experts to do this work. 
  • Drafts and/or substantively edits algorithms, tables, summaries, quick reference guides, slide sets, and other clinical tools derived from guideline recommendations. Ensures that content is consistent with other published guideline content, is clinically useful, and meets publication requirements. 
  • Drafts and/or substantively edits CME courses based on the practice guidelines. Ensures that the courses use question formats recommended by the National Board of Medical Examiners and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN); meet technical requirements for online publication by the Department of CME; and meet disclosure and other requirements of the American Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to allow the Department of CME to offer CME credit to physicians who complete the courses. 
  • Drafts promotional copy (e.g., press releases, articles, notices) about new guidelines.

Manage budget and administration of the practice guidelines project 

  • Develops the operating budget and monitors fiscal aspects of the project. 
  • Sets work objectives and monitors work load and work flow. Informs the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines about project resources, helps the committee prioritizes project goals, and dedicates resources according to priorities. Develops cost estimates and proposals to grow the project to meet changing expectations. 
  • Writes reports, correspondence, presentations, and policy and procedural documents related to administration of the project. Drafts correspondence for other persons, including the Director of QIPS, the project Medical Editor, and the chair of the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines. 
  • Develops cost estimates for action items related to practice guidelines. 
  • Develops and implements independent contractor agreements with consultant medical editors. Defines expectations. Negotiates terms. Works with the Department of Finance to execute agreements, including invoicing and payment. 
  • Trains and supervises project staff.

Serve as staff liaison for the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines and the Executive Committee on Practice Guidelines 

  • Assists the committee chair in developing meeting agendas and in coordinating and following up on work assignments made to members. Oversees scheduling and administration of conference calls and meetings by project staff. Writes and maintains minutes. 
  • Serves as resource for committee members. Creates reports and proposals and advises the committee on project resources as described in Write and edit guideline content.
  • Oversees internal administration of committee appointment activities. 
  • Drafts proposals and presentations for component-sponsored workshops at annual meetings.

Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Experience in the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. 
  • Master’s degree in psychology, public health or social science preferred and/or at least 7 years relevant work experience. 
  • Ability to read, comprehend and analyze treatment literature. 
  • Experience in medical writing and editing, preferred. 
  • Three years increasingly responsible experience, preferably in a medical association or academic setting. 
  • More than 3 years’ experience in project management, including document management, citation and reference management, electronic editing, and proofing. 
  • Database management and ability to work with spreadsheets. 
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize heavy and varied work load, and self-initiate projects. 
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines. 
  • Supervisory experience.

Office Environment


Interested applicants must submit resume, cover letter with salary requirements.



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Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans, and Individual with Disabilities