Customer Service Representative

Announcement No.: CSR04192014-21
Position: Customer Service Representative

Grade: N-12
Division/Department: Customer Service Salary

Range: $35,500 - $42,300
FLSA Status: Non - Exempt
Work Site: Arlington, VA
Work Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (not actual work hours)
Area of Consideration: All applicants
Opening Date: June 19, 2014

Closing Date: Open Until Filled


The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible for technical support for online journals, book content, and CME, answering the calls from APA members, non-members, and publishing customers, processing their requests for orders, information, technical help, and inquiries. This position is a highly visible one and requires the use of several complex databases both for looking up information, analyzing and for updating. It requires a detailed and broad knowledge of both the membership and publishing activities of the American Psychiatric Association and the ability to impart information to customers in a highly skilled, accurate, and professional manner.


Technical customer support for PsychiatryOnline subscriptions and web sites, including access issues, order and payment information, and content explanation.

Access Problems: 

  • Solve customer problems accessing and using APA and APP web sites:, and  
  • Determine whether access issue is related to subscription, payment, de-duplication, content provider, user software/hardware, or user error. 
  • Provide usernames and passwords; walk customers through accessing account. Create temporary access accounts if required. 
  • Assist customer with deleting cookies; logging on and off to complete access.
  • Assist institutional customers with access issues including incorrect admin name, IP address, or platform host user information error. 
  • Coordinate institutional subscription and access issues with Operations Manager and ePublishing Manager if subscription or interface requires testing.
  • Resolve username and email address conflicts between host, APA, and Advantage.

Other User Problems: 

  • Resolve “Duplicate Enrollment” error with APA Education website.
  • Assist members purchasing products through when they have difficulty entering number in discount field. 
  • Research subscription and payment problems for institutions that have lost online access due to expiration, non-payment, or de-duplication. 
  • Assist members to purchase CME and locate course information. Verify account information and resolve CME access issues between Advantage and Sitemaster (host).

Manage all calls and information requests from APA members by answering inquiries directly or transferring to the appropriate APA department.

Member Calls: 

  • Answer questions about membership status, dues / payment status, annual meetings, publications and other general inquiries. 
  • Analyze telephone inquiries to determine if call should be transferred and if so, assign it to the appropriate department or individual. 
  • Input Contact Tracking in membership database to record contents of call or assign to a Membership Coordinator. 
  • Update and provide log-in information to members for AJP and Psychiatric News and
  • Provide membership status to member after reviewing order history and MAR activity. 
  • Assist with inquiries about online courses, CME credits, and recertification. 
  • Assist members with APA online resources and Members Only information.

Other Member Duties: 

  • Update membership database with member contact information.
  • Process membership payments and provide receipts by email or mail.
  • Enter payment plan information into membership database. Email or mail invoices upon request.
  • Manage APA member email box to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours.
  • Attach emails to Contact Tracking to send or assign to Membership Coordinator.

Manage all calls and inquiries from non-members by answering requests directly or transferring to the appropriate APA department.

Non-Member Call Support 

  • Provide non-members who request psychiatric referrals with resources of psychiatrists by state or region.
  • Manage calls concerning ethics by reviewing steps to file complaint and verifying membership of psychiatrist. 
  • Handle outside press inquiries by transferring to communications or other APA department.
  • Answer inquiries on how to become an APA member by explaining membership categories and the process for application.

Inter-Department Coordination and Support 

  • Assist with inquiries about online courses, CME credits and recertification. 
  • Mail individuals and organizations Healthy Minds DVDs and pamphlets for APA Minority Affairs.
  • Coordinate inquiries for advertising in APA journals or APA job bank with appropriate APP department.

Manage calls, orders, payments, and chargebacks for APP book and journal program.

Books and Journals

  • Using Advantage order system, identify customer account, book or journal product by code, description, author, or category to provide customer with proper item. 
  • Identify correct price and discount for item depending on category of customer: member, non-member, wholesaler, retailer, or special foreign discount terms. 
  • Follow department guidelines regarding credit, new customer set-up, and thresholds for approvals. 
  • Recognize special customers with specific discounts, pricing, or shipping requirements and bring to the attention of supervisory staff as required. 
  • Process orders, prepare invoices, follow up with customer on price and shipping details as necessary. 
  • Proofread and verify order information prior to closing and posting. 
  • Receive and apply payments by credit card, check, lockbox, or wire to customer.

Chargebacks from Wholesale and Retail Accounts 

  • Manage chargebacks from distributors, wholesalers, or retailers for short-ships and damaged books.
    o Research shipment details with warehouse and freight shipper.
    o Verify order and shipping information in Advantage.
    o Contact customer to dispute chargeback.
    o Provide proof of shipment with date, weight, and tracking.
    o Summarize results for next step: credit memo or payment request.

Journal Claims for Non-Receipt 

  • Research and process journal claims from customers who did not receive journal copies. 
  • Analyze reason for non-receipt of journal.
    o Correct subscription if required.
    o Notify customer in writing of journal claim status. 
  • Resolve journal claims for de-duplicated accounts by determining correct parent account and locating other accounts to make subscription adjustments.

Journal Subscription Problem-Solving 

  • Research and resolve issues for customers with non-payment cancellations, reinstatement, or problems accessing online subscriptions to journals and books.
    o Identify whether problem is Advantage subscription, platform host interface, user
    equipment, or user error.
    o Report problem to ePublishing Manager if required.
    o Research payment history to resolve cancellation.

Provide administrative, operations, and financial support to department for reoccurring tasks and special projects.

Subscription agents 

  • Make journal adjustment modifications such as “Ship To” and “Ship Through” information on agency orders and reinstatements. 
  • Assist with order and payment reconciliation of year-end renewal files for SWETS and EBSCO. 
  • Assist with payment reconciliation at Advantage order and customer purchase order level for all agencies.
  • Correct tiers, customer types, and rate codes as required.

Renewals and Invoicing 

  • Edit journal renewal notices for tier 5 customers by determining last order and price. 
  • Edit PsychiatryOnline renewal notices for pricing and term for marketing review. 
  • Review circulation invoices for subscription cut-off and reconcile to Advantage report.

Financial and Operations 

  • Reconcile daily cash receipts including lockbox and live check to Advantage daily cash posting report. 
  • Review daily invoices, separating EDI from mail. 
  • Process EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for wholesalers and Amazon. 
  • Enter test transactions for system upgrades.


  • High school degree plus four years of experience in business operations, customer service, publishing or information technology. Or college degree plus one year of experience in business operations, customer service, publishing, or related field.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, including ability to compose clear and professional correspondence. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, clearly, and professionally with both internal and external customers.
  • Ability to make decisions about complex customer issues and determine when to seek assistance. 
  • Demonstrated ability to use complex data processing system such as member or order processing software. 
  • Proficiency in word processing, Excel, and email systems. 
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work as a team member in a production-oriented environment.

Technology Requirements

Membership or publishing database (desired)
MS Word
MS Excel

Office Environment


Interested applicants must submit resume, cover letter with salary requirements.



Via Email:  

Via Mail or Delivery: Office of Human Resources
American Psychiatric Association
1000 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 1825
Arlington, Virginia 22209-9998
ATTN: Customer Service Representative