Annual Reports

2013 APA Annual Report: 

Changing the Practice and Perception of Psychiatry

The 2013 Annual Report highlights the accomplishments of the APA and its members.  This year the report has a new format which better reflects the priorities of the APA: Membership, Strategy and Partnership.  These three areas comprise the prism though which we view our critical work and ensure we continue to make decisions that are of value to our members, fit within the APA’s strategic approach, and engage our partners in meaningful way.

2013 APA Annual Report as online book 

2013 APA Annual Report - PDF 

 2012 APA Annual Report

Pursuing Wellness Across the Lifespan (PDF version)

This annual report highlights the events, initiatives, and accomplishments of the American Psychiatric Association during 2012 in support of its members in providing the highest quality of care for their patients. The report reflects the theme of positive psychiatry and pursuing wellness across the lifespan.

2012 APA Annual Report as online book (click page once to zoom in / click page again to zoom out)
2012 APA Annual Report - PDF 
Detail on industry revenue 2012




2011 APA Annual Report: Integrated Care

2011 Annual Report as online book
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2011 Annual Report PDF version
Detail on industry revenue 2011


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